See Better with Idealeyez

We offer top-quality clinical care and a wide range of best quality lenses for eyes in Pakistan to ensure you have crystal clear vision and cozy eyes.

See Better with Idealeyez

We offer top-quality clinical care and a wide range of contact lenses to ensure you have crystal clear vision and cozy eyes.

We Care About Your Eyes

Vision is our leading sense, as 80% of what we realize and understand depends on our sense of sight. So, whether it’s prescription or nonprescription contact lenses, we promise to protect your eyesight with high-standard online vision assessment and top-quality lenses, keeping your eyes secure against digital devices and the sun.

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From top-rated global brands to rarely found lenses, Idealeyez has everything you are looking for your eyes. Besides, our customer-friendly working process makes us the people’s first choice to buy quality lenses for eyes in pakistan.

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All it takes is three easy-peasy steps to get your favorite lenses on your doorstep.


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Go through our wide range of contacts collection or do a quick search by entering the name of your favorite lens.


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Once you’ve selected the lens, submit your recent prescription image or enter the details manually so that we can verify it from your doctor.


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After verification, we will deliver your order within 2-3 working days on average, depending on your location.

Who We Are

We are a committed team of professionals who aim to provide the Best Eye Care Solution Pakistan and out-of-the-box vision and eyewear solutions to every customer. With a direct purchase from leading suppliers, we ensure profit-sharing with our customers and deliver the products and services that offer excellent value for your money. At Idealeyez, we have a massive stock of all the local and branded contact lenses. Besides, we have a vast collection of the latest glasses and sunglasses, helping you get everything related to eyesight from the comfort of your home.

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Frequently Asked Question

Contact lenses are available for just about any tradition. They can correct your presbyopia, and multifocal contacts can help those with diplopia to have crisp near, intermediate, and distance vision. multitudinous studies have set up that children as youthful as eight times of age can acclimatize to, handle and watch for contacts. Maturity, particular hygiene, and provocation on the part of the youthful person are important factors to consider when assessing felicity for contact lens wear and tear.

Contact lenses have proven to be a healthy vision option for millions of people. But only your eye care professional can determine if they're right for you. Still, removing, and minding for them, If you follow all specified way for fitting. You also need to see your eye care professional regularly to insure long- term corneal health. The most serious contact lens complication is a" corneal ulcer" or" microbial keratitis." On average, this occurs in 4 of every,000 wears; but with Idealeyez lenses it drops to1.2 of every,000 wear and tear. This is because Idealeyez's give further oxygen to the eye than numerous soft lenses, and Idealeyez's more repel infection- causing deposits.

It differs from lens to lens Idealeyez contacts, which last for times, need daily drawing and disinfecting, but their slick face resists deposit buildup. Diurnal disposable soft lenses are worn formerly, also discarded, with no conservation needed. Other disposable soft lenses are generally gutted at the end of the day, also soaked in disinfecting result until they are worn again, and may be replaced weekly, bi-weekly, or yearly. -Soft lenses that are replaced daily or annually might bear daily enzyming in fresh to diurnal care.

Ask your croaker . It depends on the type of lens you are wearing, the composition of your gash film, your general eye health, and other factors. Idealeyez contact lenses and certain soft lenses can be slept in, but noway wear them while sleeping unless your eye care guru says you can.

No. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration( FDA) recommends that contact lenses not be exposed to any form of water. Acanthamoeba, an organism present in valve water and other forms of impure water, can come attached to a lens and beget a sight hanging infection.