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Alcon’s FreshLook® contact lenses feature a unique three-in-one colour technology to achieve
subtle, realistic depths. This allows you to change the colour of your eyes while yet retaining a
natural appearance. With or without vision correction, FreshLook® colour contact lenses make it
simple to adjust, enhance, and accent eye colour. FreshLook® is available for both light and
dark-colored eyes. FreshLook® coloured contact lenses are composed of 55% water and are
intended to be used as a two-week daily wear lens, which means you remove the lenses each
night and simply replace them the following time you wear your lenses. Make sure to stick to the
replacement schedule advised by your eye doctor.

Material/H2O Content: Phemfilcon/55%
Replacement schedule: Monthly
Base curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.5
Power: -0.50D to -6.00D
Wearing schedule: Daily
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Material and % of content

42% polymer (etafilcon A)


Water % of content

58% percent



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